Unique Teacher Gifts

What is the ideal gift to give to teachers? Do you give cash, a personalized gift, or a generic gift?

Do you give a gift at all?

Will your teacher think you are trying to “bribe” them to give your kids good grades?

Well, I must admit … bribery certainly has crossed my mind (but I quickly justified my thoughts in realizing that "most" teachers have my kids’ best interest at heart). And for those that don't .. bribery isn't so bad.

I have a true, extremely funny story to tell. Last year I was looking for unique teacher gifts. I bought an “assistant” teacher a cheese board with knife at a local gift store. I go in 1 week later, and find her exchanging the gift, and “COMPLAINING to the cashier that she would much rather have had cash. The assistant teacher didn’t realize I was in line, behind her, listening to the whole saga. She turned around, wasn’t even embarrassed and said, “What the hell am I going to do with a cheeseboard and spreader” not realizing it was ME that gave it to her. But I find cash so "impersonable" and if you get a really good deal, it will appear that you've spent much more than what would have ended up in an envelope as cash.

My advise ... DON'T GIVE CASH ... GIVE A GIFT!

This year I am taking care of EVERYTHING via internet and catalog shopping. Since this is “year-end” I have a ton of work, financials and tax preparation to do … and don’t have time or desire to drive to the store, wait in long lines, then drive home.

Below are my Top 5 Teacher Gifts I would suggest:
1. Audio Book Rental Membership teachers love to listen as well as read.

2. After putting up with screaming, obnoxious kids all day … teachers NEED pampering, and I happen to LOVE Bath and body gift sets from Caswell-Massey. Save 10% Off Your entire order -- Enter code - CMCAT10 - at checkout at Caswell-Massey.

3. Hand-cut ribbon candy is gorgeous & sentimental with ruby red ribbon & green stripes of cinnamon from Vermont Country Store

4. Teachers love healthy snacks, and truly would love 14 pounds worth of Texas Ruby Grapefruit, Navel Oranges and Avocados. Save $5 off your first order! Enter certificate code "CWS" into the Key Code Box at Red Cooper.

5. You can never have enough note cards … even in the age of email and Internet, teachers like to write hand-written notes. I personally LOVE receiving whimsical note cards that are blank inside. Galison has a great sunny striped note card that comes in a gift box. Get 15% OFF your first order! Enter discount code: ZZZD in the coupon code box at Galison .

Will your teacher think you are trying to “bribe” them to give your kids good grades?


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