5 Ways to turn clutter into organization utopia

Is living a cluttered mess better than having organization? According to several guests on NBC’s Today Show this morning, they were trying to hype the “benefits” of living in total clutter. Bedrooms shown with clothes scattered everywhere, closets a disaster, dresser drawers spilling out with clothes. Then onto the office, where 12-18 inch piles of papers, folders and books scattered all over the top of the desks. How horrific!

I thought the show was ridiculous, and Matt Lauer appeared to agree with me! He said, “It gives me a stomach ache just looking at this footage.” Being organized is ESSENTIAL to success. Why, because …

1. Time is precious, and if you are able to quickly and efficiently locate documents to work on or to seek answers, you are over the course of a 40-hour workweek probably savings over 2-3 hours of wasted time looking for specific documents.

2. It is proven that if you clear off your workspace and concentrate on only 1 set of documents at a time, you will be able to complete that task quicker.

3. Multi-tasking is critical … assume you are in a sales position (it doesn’t matter if you’re selling multi-million dollar yachts or inexpensive copy machines), you will have a list of “potential buyers”, a list of “contracts pending” and a list of “deals closed but still needing some attention.” Assume you have 20 or 500 folders… you will be better able to multi-task and go from call to call to call, answering & pitching clients and closing more sales if you are able to have the necessary documents at your fingertips.

4. Delegating is essential … if you are organized, you will be better able to quickly glance over work and hand-off, or delegate to secretaries or assistance small tasks that will help with your workload. If you look at a desk with hundreds and hundreds of papers, all in unorganized piles, you will not be able to quickly surmise what can be delegated, and soon you will be feeling overwhelmed.

5. Eliminate Stress – create lists. Stress may be caused from feeling “I have too much to do.” To-DO lists are fabulous, and recently most of our senior management at Catalogs.com has started using an incredible web based site that is an on-line TO-DO control center, allowing individuals to create lists, make lists for other people (co-workers, friends and family) and share lists. We use it DAILY and it’s called http://www.tadalist.com.

I really like the way Linda M. DePaz (a specialist in helping people organize themselves) puts it …

Clutter = Stress
Routines = Peace
Organization = Serenity
De Clutter = Tranquility

Being organized requires buying a few simple items to keep help you stay organized, and Stacks and Stacks on-line shop (get $10 OFF orders of $75 by entering code 22YEARS) and Get Organized (both catalogs and on-line) you will find all the products your home and office needs.

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