How to order promotional give aways without paying a fortune

You reach for a padded envelope, slowly you open it to find a beige plastic human ear inside. Curiously, you grab the ear and there is a folded up note attached to the underside. It's a phone message that says,"Jim, we haven't heard from you in a while. Call me 212-xxx-xxxx. Leslie. "

Are promotional give aways important? Do they really add revenue to your bottom line? Is it simply a waste of money? Does it add brand or name recognition?

Over the past ten (10) years of owning a company, I’ve often contemplated the value of these types of promotional gimmicks. Will they REALLY help me close a deal? Will they convince my client to double their order? Or will I simply go broke but have plenty to play with while I stand in a free food distribution line at the end of the day?

My take … promotional gadgets, give-aways, or gimmicks are FUN. That’s it. They can draw attention to a media kits, they can draw attention to your booth at a trade show, they can occasional stay on a desk for years and years and remind you of that company.

Will gimmicks, give aways and gadgets ever close the sale? NO

Will they add revenue to your bottom line by doubling orders? NO

Can they encourage brand loyalty or name recognition? MAYBE

Do people give you a second chance? SOMETIMES

So the best way to order these products is by shopping around to several distributors. Point in fact: today I’m ordering the most expensive pen our company has ever ordered. It’s SUPER COOL … it’s see through acrylic, lights up, and has our logo on the end. I called 3 different places and got quotes on the IDENTICAL PEN. Guess what, on a per piece basis; the DIFFERENCE equaled $0.93 cents per pen. If we order 1,000 pens, that’s a savings of $930.00.

Bingo … 3 calls just saved my $930 dollars!

The moral of my promo blog … shop, shop and shop for the best rate and negotiate. Although we don’t live in a country that expects consumers to negotiate (like Mexico or the Caribbean islands), yet several businesses here in the USA will negotiate. All these small savings begin to add up.

Oriental Trading Company has some fun give aways as well as this master list of promo companies and also Superior Promos.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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