Why I would never visit the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

I just got my emails, and had over 25 alerts from my newsletter/Spam filters specifically about the world’s largest ever Consumer Electronics Show, which started yesterday in Las Vegas. I’m very familiar with it, my Mom use to go EVERY SINGLE YEAR when she worked for a major electronics manufacturer (I hated her being gone, but LOVED the surprises she’d bring back in her suitcase for us kids).

This show is designed for people who are intrigued with gadgets, state-of-the-art stuff, and high tech electronics. My curiosity peaked to see what they had in store this year, so I clicked on the conferences main page.

And was immediately overwhelmed with topics and speakers and gadgets that made no sense to me. It’s not that I’m stupid or ignorant; I’m simply not intrigued, amused or interested in this kind of merchandise.

Am I in the minority? Absolutely! Registrants representing the United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 130 other countries are attending. To me, walking through 1.8 million net square feet of exhibit space, along with more than 140,000 of my closest friends, being bumped, pushed, sneezed on, gawking and staring at the latest and greatest products in NOT my cup of tea. Obviously many would disagree with me (including my husband).

The thought of mingling with manufacturers, retailers, content providers and creators, broadband developers, wireless carriers, cable and satellite TV providers, installers, engineers, corporate buyers, government leaders, financial analysts and the media from around the world …. B O R I N G !!

On a scale of 1 to 10 for levels of technological proficiency, I am probably a 3. I’d rather be a follower and let my friends and co-workers show me their latest and coolest “stuff” than for me to purchase it first.

Gadgetmakers beware … as advertised; this is “The World's Largest Annual Tradeshow for Consumer Technology and America's largest annual tradeshow of any kind.” YUCK!

Me … I’d rather curl up with a great novel at night next to my husband and just relax. I think I’ll quietly go online for gadgets and guy stuff, or for electronics, shop for the latest and greatest wearing my ever so-comfortable pajama’s, sipping a good Pinot Noir or Merlot, and have instant access to any gadget or electronic toy I might have the urge to buy.

Knock yourselves out ... you computer & electronic geeks!

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