An Inconvenient Truth – as seen from 3 kids eyes

With a tear in his eye, and my son looking scared to death asked, “Mommy, will we have time to sell our house or will we be washed away in the big flood.” This is the question I was asked as my son watched Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, winner of this years best documentary feature at the Academy Awards.

My eldest daughter asked as I was tucking her in bed tonight, “Mom, if I am successful in becoming an astronaut and I go up in space for a long time, when I return will I still be able to breathe the air that’s left on planet earth and will it smell awful?”

My middle one asked, “Mom, can we start doing more to recycle and save on electricity around the house?”

Al Gore … you are a genius in my book and a sincere man that truly has my family’s best interest at heart. Al is courageous, he is brilliant, he gathered a ton of scientific data, organized it in a simple way that even young children can relate to, and made old, set-in-their-way people like me want to stand up, fight and suddenly make a difference in life. He motivated me, and my family.

Hopefully Gore will NOW get the attention necessary to really change the world. Interestingly, my middle daughter just published a hardback book that her class researched, wrote, illustrated and published. They ACTUALLY sent the book to Al Gore. In her elementary school, they actually WATCHED Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” in the classroom. Thank God the public schools are beginning to educate our children on something useful (unlike the ridiculous FCAT preparations in Florida).

I was flabbergasted to hear the statistic that the United States contributes MORE than most other countries in total to carbon dioxide emissions. I didn’t realize how archaic we are, behind the times in manufacturing fuel efficient automobiles. Of course I’ve heard, but never was “awoken” like I was tonight. Actually, I was quite shaken up. I told my husband, “Dear, it’s time to sell our property we have on the water.” The images portraying the flooding which will occur in Florida, New York, California, Beijing, etc were alarming and scary – heck, our entire South Florida will be under water in 75 years if we don’t act now.

I highly recommend renting this movie and sharing it with ALL members of your family.

Hey, I have a great idea, hold a Global Warming Party and serve environmentally friendly food, drink and show the video.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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American students are lagging behind other countries in math scores, we fail to have elementary language courses in order to kids learning other languages at a young age and some cities have drop-out rates over 50%. Despite this loathsome statistics, schools are finding it imperative to scare the crap out of children with Al Gore's powerpoint presentations?

If I ever have children, they are being homeschooled. I'd rather have my children be educated than force-fed propaganda.

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