If my QuickBooks integration fails ... I'm chopped liver!

I hate accounting. I think I’ve mentioned this before. Had it not been for my total inept ability to understand and grasp the concept of debits and credits, I would never have found my husband in college. You see, he had the Accounting 101 textbook open; I was cramming for a test, totally confused about everything. Panic stricken at flunking my first big business school accounting test, I surveyed the library quickly. And then I spotted him (not really, I spotted the textbook first, and then decided to look at the guy reading it).

Thank God, he was cute! The perfect line … “Hi, can you explain this accounting theory?”

It’s pretty scary to think that with my hatred for accounting, I handle all the books and investing and finance for Catalogs.com (as well as our personal lives). So when it recently became clear to me that there IS a better way to manage QuickBooks and all the manual data entry of thousand and thousands of invoices … I decided to look into the project.

I’ve been quite busy interviewing consultants, accountants and software engineers. Do I hire consultants to create the “perfect” integration between my QuickBooks files and our SQL server which stores all the data required to bill? Or do I investigate existing software which will act as a go-between? After hours and hours of discussion, I chose to hire and purchase from BQE Software an existing programming.

Tomorrow is the big day … the total integration of my 10 years worth of accounting data merging with the new software. Ask me how nervous I am! If it fails, I will feel like weeks of lost time spent. If it works, I’ll be popping the bubbly and toasting to our success.

I’ll keep you posted!

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