Mancow and his morning V2 vodka shot

I’m driving to work, listening to Mancow (though I typically would not want to admit to this) and hearing for the first time about how James Goldstein invented vodka infused with caffeine and taurine. What a brilliant idea. Think of the applications! Think of the market! . Imagine what college student, cramming for exams and needing to stay awake, yet still wanting a buzz. Think of the millionsand millions of dollars he will probably make from something so simple.

Goldstein’s a genius… First he launched Hpnotiq - the first premium blue blend of Cognac and Vodka. Then he launched Everglo - the first liqueur with a bottle that glows in the dark. Now, with deep pockets Goldstein launches V2 “the first super-premium vodka infused with caffeine and taurine (found in Energy drinks like Red Bull® and Rockstar®) without the sugar and artificial flavors, making V2 is the ultimate substitute for a Vodka and Redbull. The smooth taste and clean finish of V2 is comparable to other premium spirits like Grey Goose® or Ketel One® .

According to the International Herald Tribune, the global vodka market is worth $12 billion in annual sales. And the United States is the world's fastest-growing vodka market and accounts for $724 million.

My prediction ... Goldstein's got a winner. Where was this drink when I was in school?  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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