Sexy skirts take game, set and match

Middle aged! My tennis coach called me a middle-aged woman! And my game sucked! It wasn't about my age -- it was all about my sweats. Let me explain…

I played tennis this morning at 7:30 am. Yeah, you might think it’s crazy to play so early, but once the kids are at the bus stop, I have time to get a good match in before heading to the office. I played with my girlfriend and a professional tennis coach – Jovica. He’s around 55 years old, from Croatia, and you can tell he definitely likes his female students. I wore a very short white tennis skirt.

I must admit, several girlfriends have told me that I have sexy thin legs and a perfect tush. I bring this up because all it takes is for 1 or 2 men to “take notice” and suddenly … your tennis game improves. You start trying a bit harder to position yourself for the back hand shot, you try extra hard not to miss the volley, and when serving … watch out! How embarrassing would it be to not get the ball over the net?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happily married and definitely NOT looking to attract men. But at my age, I’ll take all the extra admiring glances I can get. I am CONVINCED SHORT TENNIS SKIRTS HELP WIN THE GAME!

Last week I wore baggy sweat pants and a t-shirt (definitely NOT proper tennis attire.) I played like crap. My partner played awful too. It was so bad that the tennis coach called us up to the net and said, “Ladies, look, you are starting to give ME a bad reputation. I don’t want other potential students looking at you and wondering why Jovica can’t coach these middle aged women better.

So today, I went for the short skirt, the admiring looks and WON! Advertisers have known for years that sex sells. Apparently, on the tennis court, sex wins too! Middle-aged – hah!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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