Top 5 Ways to bring Organic pureness into your home

#1: Throw away your dust mite infected sheets! For decades, allergists have been telling us that “a clean sleeping environment with natural linens relieves allergy suffering.”

#2: Throw away your chimically treated mattress. A typical mattress is stuffed with polyurethane foam and other materials that may have been treated with flame-retardants and covered with material treated with water or stain resistant chemicals. These, along with chemicals emitted from polyurethane foam, such as toluene, can contribute to indoor air pollution. If you replace your mattress with one made of natural or organic cotton, natural latex, organic wool, then add an organic cotton pad or wool mattress topper, organic cotton or 100% all natural cotton sheets, an organic cotton duvet cover and a hypoallergenic natural latex pillow, you'll avoid the toxins and won’t be up at 4 a.m. like me!

#3: Throw out the dirty diapers and the toxins. Baby's fragile immune systems are most affected by toxins. That's why organic baby bedding is so important to your baby's health. Buy only natural baby bedding, including organic cotton sheets, organic wool bedding and bumpers, and safe and supportive organic mattresses.

#4: Throw out your infested teddy bears. Get a huge HEFTY black garbage bag and pack away every dust-mite infested, toxin ridden stuffed animal you buy at Wal-mart or Target for $10.99. Babies and kids do NOT need 25 stuffed animals. Replace with a few special sweet bears made from all natural materials, constructed using only unprocessed cotton fibers and all-natural organic dyes.

#5: Throw out your old excercies & work-out clothes. I bet you that 99% of your underwear, bras and work-out clothes are ridden with insecticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers used to grow the cotton that you are wearing next to your skin. Replace your yoga, Pilates and other workout attire with pure organic clothing in natural cotton or naturally antimicrobial soy and cotton blends.

According to Organic Exchange, a nonprofit committed to expanding the use of organically grown fibers, global retail sales of organic cotton products increased from $245 million in 2001 to $583 million in 2005. The problem with traditional cotton--by far the most used clothing fabric in the world, constituting a $300 billion global market--is that producers use liberal amounts of insecticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers to grow it.

Analysts estimate that cotton crops use about one quarter of all the agricultural insecticides applied globally each year. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, seven of the top 15 pesticides used on U.S. cotton crops are potential or known human carcinogens. Given such problems, choosing organically grown alternatives may be one of the best things consumers can do to help the environment.

In my opinion, Larry West sums it up very very well, “Protecting and preserving our natural environment is a matter of life and death for every creature on Earth and all future generations. Our ability to use resources without depleting them, to function as part of a sustainable ecosystem, and to serve as responsible environmental stewards is critical.”

Below are some great companies that sell organic products:

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