What about the word NO don’t you understand?

NO NO, NO ... How many different times do I have to say it?

Why is it that kids can’t grasp this concept?

Why is it that parents must repeat themselves 4x? We recently called a “Family Meeting” at the suggestion of my best friend. Our house has been out-of-control, chaos, misery, misbehaving, arguing, fighting … did the moon suddenly not align with the stars?

A Family Meeting is intended to get the whole family together, typically in the living room, and everyone takes turns discussing what’s on their mind. Typical a parent leads the discussion, explaining the main reason or idea as to what issue has prompted this meeting. Acording to Parenting Toolbox, there are definite rules:

1. Meet on a regular basis.
2. Everyone gets a chance to talk.
3. Everyone gets treated with respect and has an equal say (but parents have veto power for harmful or unhealthy decisions).
4. Stay with the real issues and don't get sidetracked.
5. Keep the meetings short and stick to a schedule.
6. Focus on members strengths and not their weaknesses.
7. Keep a record of the family meeting and post where everyone can see it.
8. Remember to plan for fun.

On my own, I added #9: Establish a secret “CODE” word that will remind family members to think back on the discussion.

I can’t say that it’s worked great so far. We’ve only had 1 meeting, and all discussions and goals flew out the window with an overheated argument, just 1 day later. But, at least, I can say our code word “COOL IT” and I get some attention.

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