10 mistakes to avoid when learning snowboarding

The long awaited Colorado vacation ... no kids, no work, just 6 nights of bliss with my hubby. Since I've NEVER ever been skiing, I thought I'd be up-to-date and try the coolest thing ... snowboarding. Everyone said it would be better on my knees ... you'll have no problem picking it up.

Now, it's our 3rd night and all I have to show for my efforts are a right sprained wrist, a left bruised palm, and a 5 inch purple/black bruise on my tush ... let me put it into perspective:

10 mistakes to avoid when learning snowboarding
#1. When the instructor asks you "Are you a goofy foot or a regular foot" tell the truth ... ask what the heck is he talking about, or click here to determine.

#2. Don't attempt to stand while fastening both feet onto the board. You will end up soaring down the hill, uncontrollably.

#3. Forget that you've ever performed squats or lifted weights over your head in a weight room. You should never stick your butt out, bend your knees and lean forward (my constant mistake).

#4. Don't hit the instructor in the head when you lose control and frantically attempt to recover (as I did, I smashed his sun goggles into his eyes so hard, that he simply walked away and left me at the base of the mountain).

#5. Don't grab the instructor so hard that he asks "Does your husband know you like to Tango"

#6. When the instructor tells you to "lean back, relax and make your arms feel like jello," don't take it literally.

#7. At the crucial and intimidating time when the instructor tells you "It's time to learn the chairlift," don't panic like the girl directly in front of me did. She tried to "sit" into the chair, of course missed it, bumped her head hitting the snow, got her snowbaord tangled in the chair lift, and then was damn near trampled as another lift went above her. Talk about being scared to death ... and my turn was next!

#8. When learning the technique of "going backwards, down the hill" do not put your heals down so that your back is facing in a downward direction ... you will immediately soar straight down the hill in record speed. Rather, attempt standing on your tippy-toes, in an incredibly painful stance, and then ask God why your Mom never enrolled you in ballerina school to get comfortable standing on your toes!

#9. When falling on your ass, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT try to cushion your fall with your hands (you will bruise and possible sprain your wrists, like I did).

#10. Do not be fooled ... if you are over 40 years old and have NEVER been athletically inclined, skip snowboarding and go directly to the spa.

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