Can he still get into heaven?

This is what I kept asking myself tonight as I met John P. Contini, the defense attorney to the high profile case of Gill Fernandez, ex-Miami Dade police officer & former Mr. Florida bodybuilding champion and black-belt karate instructor … accused and convicted of triple murder.

It was a fascinating evening among my monthly “Literary Luscious Ladies” book club as we discussed a born again Christian defense attorney’s book, “Danger Road: A true crime story of murder and redemption.” The room fell silent as he meticulously told his account of his meetings with the convicted murderer he had represented. Apparently, Gill Fernandez, who was once termed in the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel as “Miami’s Meanest Cop” and who admitted he was using cocaine and steroids on a continuous basis, and who was convicted of savagely murdering three people, had decided to find Christ while in jail.

So there you have it, a transformed and repentant murderer and a defense attorney, who four years ago confessed his deepest sins to Gill Fernandez (no less); he admitted that he originally misrepresented himself just to “get the case” and that he was not as “Christian minded” as he led on to be, initially. However, now John P. Contini has ALSO found the light and has been moved by faith to write this book.

And as our group of “Literary Luscious Ladies” sat in a beautiful home in suburbia, half Jewish, half Christian, I couldn’t help but wonder … what an incredible dichotomy.

How can you have a defense attorney knowingly defend murders and still claim to be a born again, follower of Christ? To me, this is an oxymoron, a dichotomy, and a farce!

So being the really “timid, shy and quiet” person that I am, I asked, then pressed, and then forced this simple question until I got the answer I was really looking for. “Excuse me John, but isn’t it a bit hypocritical to be defending murderers who have privately admitted their guilt, and then try like hell to get them off and free and place them back into our society, to perhaps hurt others?”

His response was a calculated answer: “In the old days, before I found Christ, I would never have thought twice about representing these types of people. But today, if I don’t physically see or emotionally feel their own repentance, their own sorrow for what they did, their own remorse … then I will simply walk away and turn the case down.”

I then pressed on (I started to feel my pulse increase and thought of myself as Barbara Walters) … “John, if you REALLY feel a new and profound closeness to God, and feel that your talents have been redirected to help repented people, then why are you planning 2 or 3 MORE books, instead of devoting all your time to helping accused murderers?” His answer was purely marketing – he informed our group that his book publishers didn’t want just one book, but rather a series of books. And that he had a lot of material to draw from.

He’s a “nice man”, a gentleman, and a savvy marketer. Has he found Christ, seen the light and been uplifted to a higher lever??? Well, I guess it’s not my place to judge, but certainly to question.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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You obviously are a poor judge of character. And who are you to decide what John Contini should be doing and what he shouldn't? Sister Christian, with your book club, do you not ever get inspired by a book? I'm amazed that you're a member of a book club, but don't find that John Contini is indeed helping and inspiring people in a way that only God can call him and lead him to do, which at this point in his life is through books.

You are a really gutless person to write a blog and not post the comments. If you don't have the guts to post positive and negative comments, don't write blogs. You obviously didn't read the book and you didn't even list your name...that's indecent and gutless, also.

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