How to be a passenger on a snowmobile without getting killed

Day 5 of our vacation

It’s freezing … its 7:30 a.m. and about 50 grown-ups are frantically attempting to pull on smelly, gas laden snowsuits, helmets and goggles. We’re off for our snowmobiling adventure. I cop out. I don’t want to drive the snowmobile alone. I beg my husband … “Can’t I just ride in the back, I’m scared!” Excuse me, but I’ve given birth to 3 kids (surely I can handle maneuvering a powerful machine – after all, I can do everything else, right?)

Rule #1: When straddling the machine as a passenger, don’t panic when you suddenly realize that you ONLY have 2 small handles to hold onto.

Rule #2: Since the passenger’s seat is 8 inches above the driver … you have only your knees to hug the driver … and I might add “squeeze the driver till it hurts” or you will fly off the machine.

Rule #3: Don’t breath – the gas fumes are enough to make you sick (if you do vomit, be sure to turn your head away from the driver).

Rule #4: Don’t pee in your pants … as the machine revs up and begins vibrating ferociously you will wish that you were NOT the passenger.

Rule #5: Get over your fear of driving. As a passenger you will get bumped, collided and almost thrown off the snowmobile. You will have no control as you dodge trees and spin around dangerous mountain curves with 100 foot cliffs just inches away.

I HATE not having control … it’s my nature to be in control. Maybe I made a mistake in not driving myself. The bottom line is "buy your own equipment and practice, practice, practice. Cool equipment can be found at one of our snowmobile catalogs.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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