Is God a Basketball Fan?

Do you think God will be watching the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game during Passover Seder tonight?

Do you think that in between the Manashtana and the matzo and the chorosis , Gator and Buckeye fans will be secretly going into the bathroom, checking their Blackberries online and seeing what the score is?

God has tested the Jews throughout the ages … forcing the Jewish people to make so many difficult choices…. In 167 BCE, it was whether to worship the Greek gods or keep the faith, in 1945, it was whether to keep the Sabbath or keep the store open for the Saturday crowds, and it 1997, it was a choice between the new Denny’s Grand-Slam Breakfast or a bagel with a schmeer.

Now, once again, God tests our commitment and makes Jews decide which is more important … a basketball championship or a commitment to values, tradition and faith.

For the few who are not aware, tonight is the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The favored Florida Gators will face off against the underdog Ohio State Buckeyes, in a bid for the NCAA Championship in this final game of the Final Four playoffs.

Tip-off is scheduled for 9:18 pm, just when the participants in most east coast Seders will be reaching for that second cup of wine. So the question remains…with television off limits on this holiday night, what will basketball fans do? Can we somehow incorporate the game into the spirit of the Seder?

Oh, Lord, we were once as the Buckeyes are today, a despised and looked-down upon people…

Or perhaps…

Let us remember when we too triumphed and displayed the strength of our faith as we arose victorious from trial after trial as the Gators will surely do tonight…

Or maybe we just need to look to the first of our own Final Four…why is this night different from all the rest? Go team!!

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