You can't make me!

My daughters typical response.

This Sunday I will be taking my daughter to her first ever “Mother Daughter Spring Luncheon.” But how can you force a kid to wear “appropriate” clothing? My daughter hates wearing dresses, refuses to carry a purse AND wouldn’t be caught dead in any shoes other than flats. And pantyhose – forget it!

Parents, follow these steps to ensure peace, happiness and style with your teenager:

1. What daughter wouldn’t cherish lunch at her favorite restaurant of her choice, and a shopping spree with defined guidelines?

2. If she hates dresses, don’t even waste time looking at a single dress. Pull out pant suits or tailored silk or crepe white or crème colored pants (perfect for spring).

3. Select a floral silk or chiffon top – the fancier the better. If your daughter hates flowers, then go with a solid white with beading, burgundy, red or lime green solid with flowing short sleeves or sleeveless.

4. Buy a special hair barrette with jewels and glitter to dress up her face.

5. Depending on her age, buy special lipstick that will compliment her new outfit.

6. Try on cream colored or white open toed sandals (which can be re-worn throughout the whole summer). I love the 1/2 inch shoes from Carabella's.

7. Have fun and cherish every precious moment you can spend alone with your daughter.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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