How BBQ chicken wings lends itself to brainstorming session

How BBQ chicken wings lends itself to brainstorming session

Do you ever get in a “rut” and feel like nothing is progressing in business. The same old, the mundane, nothing new and certainly nothing exciting. Year after year of the same grueling monotony.

Well, as I report in today, and can proudly state that “My brain has been S H A K E N UP”.

Yesterday we had a brainstorming session. It was really cool. Six totally different types of business people, gathered in a room for 3 hours … following no set agenda. Simply “thinking outside the box” and figuring out how to create “new excitement” and “extra revenue.” There is something about licking BBQ sauce off your fingers while spurting out ideas that made the session perfect.

I awoke this morning, and instead of pulling the pillow over my head, hoping for just 5 minutes more of blissful sleep, I jumped out of bed. My mind racing, thinking which of the 10 ideas would we implement first. Which idea will send to a new universe of success, profitability and stardom?

My advice to business executives … Invest the time (away from your office) and hold these brainstorming sessions. Surround yourself with people inside (and outside) of your company and think out-of-the-box more often.

I’ll keep you posted … will be embarking on new adventures, and I, for one, am most inspired and excited!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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