Video iPod and the fish bowl

I’m driving home tonight from Spiderman 3. I took my three kids (yes…on a MONDAY night because the school system has decided that with only 2 weeks left of school—why bother continuing to teach. No homework, no projects, no assignments).

Anyway, I’m explaining to the kids that the show that Daddy is at is very exciting, and that is giving away this year at the ACCM Catalog conference a FREE video Ipod. My daughter immediately begins to whine. “Why can’t I have the iPod?”

I explain to her that really, it’s just a little something that hopefully will “inspire” a lot of business cards to miraculously find their way into a glass fishbowl.

My daughter then says, “Well, I sell my artwork. Can I enter MY business card?” I explain to my daughter that she doesn’t have a business card.

We precede home, pj’s, teeth brushing, etc. and I find her in her room preparing several business cards, with her name, address, email and a company name that she created.

Why do marketers, clients and even daughters go out of their way to win something free?

I’ll tell you why. It’s the same reason B*I*N*G*O and the L*O*T*T*E*R*Y still are going strong. It’s why Las Vegas is rocking like never before. It’s like a really ugly guy going into a bar, hoping he’ll walk out with Miss Universe (or close to it).

People want to gamble that they might be a winner!

So to all you catalog marketers, go to booth #332 and enter to win a Free video Ipod!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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