What to do if you can’t afford Virgin Atlantic’s round-trip ticket to space?

Thank you NASA. I finally can stop telling my daughter “Honey, I simply don’t make enough $$ at Catalogs.com to pay for the Virgin Galactic’s roundtrip ticket to space on SpaceShip Two. I should have married Virgin Chairman Richard Branson instead of your father.”

I’ve got to hand it to NASA. Their long awaited Shuttle Launch Experience will send my aspiring astronaut-in-training on the thrill of her life, and it will only cost me $38 for me and $28 for my daughter.

Unlike the Disney’s Mission: Space centrifuge ride, which is more about the 1.5G’s and the high sustained force from forward acceleration, this exhibit is BOTH stimulating to the senses but EQUALLY stimulating to the mind.

Designed with detailed input from a former shuttle pilot and other astronauts, the $60 million tourist attraction at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is designed to trigger an emotional reaction to U.S. human spaceflight. It also is designed to immerse visitors in the mechanics and history of America's space shuttle.
NASA has liftoff.

This summer, be sure to take your kids (of all ages). It’s not only fun but educational as well.
For more detailed information, visit The Kennedy Space Center.

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