A Father’s Day Gift with an ulterior motive

Father’s Day can mean many different things to many different families. But to me, there is nothing more precious than having my husband share a special moment with his kids, alone, while casting a fishing line in a lake or standing on a sandy beach shore.

Talk about quality time. When else can you have your kid’s undivided attention, to discuss school, friends, special occasions, or to probe and find out if your kid is having difficulties in school, being bothered with drugs and alcohol, being bullied. Fishing with your son and daughter can open up lines of communication that otherwise would not have happened.

It is so rare, in our busy schedule, to actually STOP, LISTEN, and COMMUNICATE with your kids. Try fishing … it’s a great gift and a wonderful opportunity to relish special conversations.

No kidding, it was my youngest son’s idea. We just went online and ordered our Father’s Day Gift from Cabelas Master Fly Fishing catalog … an awesome rod and real on sale for just $59.95.

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