Seventeen Traditions that don’t include iPods, Nintendo DS or Razor Cell Phones

I’m driving today to work, listening to Mad Cow radio show, as Mad Cow is interviewing the ever controversial Ralph Nader, who is pitching his newest book “The Seventeen Traditions" as well as his website.

It peaked my curiosity. NOT that I’m a big fan of Ralph Nader, but surprisingly something he said really caught my attention. He spoke about seventeen traditions that he was raised with, that STILL can apply for today’s generation.

Being a parent is so difficult! Any advice that reinforces positive traits with your kids is worth my consideration.

Out of 25 reviews on, ALL 25 raved about the book.
I then went to Barnes and Noble, and read peoples review. They unanimously loved the book too.

In a world of iPods, Nintendo DS lites, Razor cell phones, PlayStations and drugs, sex, and defiance … it’s nice to be reminded of core values, ethics, and how to raise your kids with wisdom.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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