Sleep away camp sorrow

It’s amazing how we take technology for granted. Without thinking or hesitating, you pick up the phone to call your kids, send an email, track them down at their friend’s house, talk to them 20 times while at work to answer the most basic questions, “Mom, can I watch TV” “Mom, can I have a snack?” “Mom, can I take my bike and go down the street to my friends house?” etc etc etc.

Today I am WISHING for these questions (but on any other day I would be annoyed and bothered). You see, my little girl has left on a jet plane for overnight summer sleep away camp. Summer Camp Policy: no cell phones, no phone calls, no calls home, no game boys, no electronics, no iPods, no emails.

I feel like a lost puppy! Of course I’m thrilled she’s having a great time and is fortunate enough to be able to enjoy summer sleep away camp (it’s outrageously expensive). But it’s so hard as a Mom not to talk to your little girl for 4 weeks. Yes, I realize I am joining thousands of Moms who have already toughened their skin and accepted this distance, this uncertainty, and this lack of communication between your most precious daughters. Nevertheless, knowing you are not alone in this feeling of loss does not make it easier when it’s 8:30 pm and you casually walk down the kid’s hallway, wishing you could bend down, kiss your little girl on her forehead, rub her back and say, “Goodnight honey, I love you.”  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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