What is the deal with LARGE Handbags this season?

I just don’t get it! Yes, the latest trend is to have huge, oversize bags. Yes, the bigger the better. More buckles. More studs. More compartments. More leather. More of everything … except fashion.

I know I’m bucking the trend. Vogue magazine and Harpers Bazaar magazine will vehemently oppose to my statements, but have the “designers” really tried out these oversized monstrosities?

Let me put it into perspective.

I STRONGLY believe that every single day…. You should change your purse based on your shoes. Though I am not considered a fashion expert, this is one pet peeve of mine. It is utterly DISGUSTING to wear black shoes with a brown purse. It is critical to change purses to be coordinating with your shoes --- DAILY.

Today, women are carrying damn near duffle bag sized purses. The totes are so enormously big it makes you wonder if they are smuggling an immigrant baby across the borders. Even major news channels are featuring how women are hurting their backs by schlepping heavy bags.

I personally prefer a small, petit bag so that it ONLY holds my cell phone, palm pilot, credit cards safely tucked inside the zippered compartment (no wallet, no change purse--- no nothing), lipstick and a few Kleenex.

My favorite picks going into this summer are:
from Star 50 Handbags ...

from Chadwick's of Boston...

from Peruvian Connection

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