5 Reasons Why School Uniforms are a Blessing in Disguise

My oldest daughter will be starting a new school and is she up in arms! “I can’t believe I have to wear a stupid school uniform!”

So many kids feel this way but I, for one, am one very happy parent. Many will challenge my statement and debate me till they’re blue in the face.

Many will claim, “It stifles a child’s creativity and self-expression.” I say Bull @$&%.

What school uniforms do for busy Mom’s are:

1. It avoids having your teenager spend 1 hour trying on 5 different outfits in the morning.

2. It avoids competition among peers as to who can buy the most expensive, hottest designer jeans.

3. It eliminates any embarrassing fashion foe paws for kids who truly have no taste on how to dress.

4. It prevents the horrific “show of crack” when boys wear their pants below their waste with ugly underwear hanging out.

5. It provides a safety net so kids are not sucked into escalators when their 4-inch too long jeans as they get caught in the tracks.

School is starting in exactly 6 ½ weeks and I have 3 kids at different schools – and they ALL have different required school uniforms. A few simple clicks and I’ve accomplished ALL my school uniform purchases (and I will NEVER need to stand in long shopping lines.)

Top School Uniform Vendors:

I just researched 7 companies for school polo shirts. Out of 7, ONLY Land’s End offered 100% Cotton, everything else is 60% cotton 40% polyester. Now, Land’s End was double the price, so you need to decide if you want quality versus savings.

Lands End

JC Penny

All Seasons Uniforms

Omega Uniforms

Buckhead School Uniforms

The Childrens Wear Outlet

Cookies Kids

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i agree, you have some good reasons here

I totaly agree. Uniforms are a good way to minimise arguments with your teen.

what u talkin bout dont b tryna play me i can dress bitch

3. It eliminates any embarrassing fashion foe paws for kids who truly have no taste on how to dress.

I think you mean 'faux pas'.

I most agree. I'm a student.

I think that uniforms are a great thing and im 14 years old to me it shows that u r professionsl u people are only looking at it from if u look good and what ur friends think but trust me i honestly doubht that ur friends are going to get u an exclent Job And me being an African American that makes it even harder to get a nice job so i think that uniforms help u to no hw to dress because i no good and well u aint go to a job enter view with some baggy Jeans on and think that u r getting the job i dnt think so ok and thats all i got to say

Thanks for sharing!

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