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The seldom heard phrase “Proud to be an American”

The almost NEVER heard phrase “Proud to BUY American”

Well, after the last 30 years of Japanese pushing products down American’s throats (from Japanese made cars, stereos, TV’s, and even the famous Kobe Beef) … I was THRILLED to read about rancher Jose Antonio Elias Calles of HeartBrand Beef.

Finally, American’s can enjoy 100% AMERICAN Kobe beef.

How? Simple … a loophole in the system back in 1994 when Calle and his group acquired ONLY 11 authentic, 100% Japanese cattle and had them flown in from Japan. A trade loophole resulted in the legal export of the animals from Japan.

The result … after meticulously rearing the animals for 12 long years before a single hamburger could be sold, and very selectively and carefully breeding the tiny herd, the HeartBrand Beef company now has over 5,000 purebred Akaushi cattle being raised in Texas!

Kobe beef is famous for it’s exquisite taste, derived from marbled fat, which gives the meat its tenderness and rich flavor. It also commands a staggering price … a 12-ouce rib eye goes for $45.00.

I personally have had Kobe beef. It’s mouth-watering, scrumptious, and for those very special occasions … well worth the splurge. Think of it as a bottle of fine wine or champagne – a true necessity for a special evening.

For the same reasons that my husband and I refuse to buy a German or Japanese made car, nor will we buy French wines, we seek out AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS when possible.

Now, with AMERICAN MADE AUTHENTIC KOBE BEEF … start your grills.

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