Rude Awakening

“I wish I could have stayed away for 8 weeks, instead of only 4.”

These were the crushing words that I heard from my daughter as she disembarked from the plane, having just returned from sleep away camp.

I’m devastated, hurt, saddened … as the rude awakening strikes. My daughter liked camp more than being at home with Mom.

OK, so I can’t compete with the “Blob” (an enormous air filled floating device that kids jump off of into the lake), or “sloppy night” (when kids attack counselors with shaving cream), or “the Toilet Bowl” aptly named at a water park.

Yes, I’m happy my daughter had the time of her life, yes; I’m happy she met friends and came home safe and sound.

Yet, most of all … I’m dreading that we only have a few years left until she goes off to college – and then she’ll be out-of-the-house forever!

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