The days of shopping at Target are over

It used to be that I could buy all 3 of my kid’s clothes, shoes and school supplies at Target. One stop and I’m done. Fast forward to teenage years …

“Mom, I wouldn’t be caught dead in those shoes.”

“Mom, I have to have at least 3 pairs of shoes for school.”

“Mom, that is so totally un-cool.”

I gave up and sent my oldest daughter shopping with her friend and her friend’s mother. She came home with a pair of Vans. I’ve never heard of them, but apparently they are one of the HOTTEST sneakers for cool teenagers. It wasn’t so bad, and it didn’t break my bank. They rang in at $39.99 at the mall. Now, as I'm researching the shoes, I find them online at Harry's Shoes for $28.99, and to top it off -- we represent the company selling the shoes!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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