Could your man pick out a sexy dress?

Strolling up and down Mizner Park in Boca Raton, we see a sign at a very chic boutique for 50% off specially marked items. The sale caught my husband’s attention. God forbid if we ever pay full price. Nevertheless, we enter this artsy fartsy French boutique with dim lighting and feathers and jeweled chains draped everywhere.

I found nothing … at first glimpse. Then my husband hands me a “toothpick” dress, the crinkly type that when hung on a hanger is about 3 inches in diameter. I laugh the “American Way” and tell him he’s got to be out of his mind. I could NEVER fit into that dress (he seems to forget that I breast fed 3 children and am about to embark on a mid-life crises.)

He urges me to try on the light pink and deep fuchsia evening gown with spaghetti straps, and the bottom is draped with zigg-zag embroidered lace and eyelet. The dress has 1-inch hot fuchsia jewels sewn sporadically through the dress, and has waves of silver sequences. The dress is EXQUISITE. What’s more amazing, is that when I put the dress on it really made me look 15 years younger, and SEXY!

In a million years I would never have picked up the dress off the rack… yet my husband instinctively knew that it would look amazing.on me. What a perfect dress for an upcoming California wedding.

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