My daughter and Locks of Love – the most unselfish gesture in the world

How many teenagers do you know who are WILLING to sacrifice their own hair … risk the unknown of not looking “cool” … be subject to teasing … be ridiculed as looking “butch”?

On her own, without ANY suggestions from me, my incredibly passionate, caring and sensitive daughter came to me last week and said, “Mom, I want to donate my hair to the Locks of Love organization so other kids who are bald because of their cancer can have my gorgeous hair.” And let me tell you, her hair is stunning. Maybe my daughter came to this decision because she has experienced people in her life who have been touched by cancer (even who have died from cancer). Maybe it’s because my daughter has a bigger heart than almost anyone I know.

So on Friday we went to a beauty salon, which was certified as being a Locks of Love salon. Alajandra is the owner and top hair stylist. For this unselfish feat, I wanted to pay for only the best (no Super Cuts for my daughter). Alajandra followed very strict protocol. I was amazed at his precision and accuracy of cutting the 10 inch PLUS pony tail (the minimum is 10 inches). His wife was snapping digital photos, and when the last few strands were snipped away – EVERYONE in the salon applauded my daughter.

That evening, as I’m tucking her into bed and telling her how thrilled she must be that she looks so stunning with short hair and how pretty she is, my daughter said to me “Not really, I’m just happy that another little girl who is really sick can have my hair.”

Tears came rolling down my cheeks. How much prouder could a mother be!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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I am an 11 year old girl and i must say, that was a pretty brave and generous thing to do for people with cancer, and as you said, it was very un-selfish of her, please tell her i am thinking of her now and forever, just because of the wonderful thing she has done for people she doesn't even know in the world !!!!!!!

ThankYou From Sarah x

Hi my name is Samantha and i am 13 years old. For the past coulpe of months I've wanted to shave my head like you. My friends and teacher said that I must have gone crazy because I really want to do this. But that doesn't matter to me because i want to help people who might not be able to live their life to the fullest and my hair will always grow back. Soo thanks for being brave and doing whats right. I really look up to you thanks for your selfless act.

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