The best chicken soup recipe in the world

I’m having lunch with my girlfriend, discussing none other than the world’s most delicious chicken soup recipe.

According to C.C., she feels that chicken soup should NOT be the traditional “clear broth” soup, but rather the deep autumn tones of orange! Yes, I did say ORANGE.

Here’s how it goes:

1 huge calabasa - the bigger the better., cut into 2” x 2” squares (spelled either Calabaza or Calabasa) is a variety of squash commonly eaten in Latin America, the Philippines, and the Caribbean.

3 acorn squash – cut into 2” x 2” squares
2 large turnips cut up
4 sweet potatoes cut up
4 carrots cut up
1 bunch of fresh parley, chopped
2 teaspoons salt
1 large WHOLE roasting chicken
3 stalks celery, cut into 2” pieces
2 large Vidalia (or sweet) onions cut into 2” x 2” squares
4 tablespoons chicken bullion (the powdered kind)

Here’s the 1st secret. Place the chicken in the pot first, then cover with all the cut up raw veggies and herbs. Sprinkle the chicken bullion over the vegetables. Add enough water to COVER the veggies & chicken then continue to add more water until 3 inches of extra water is covering everything. Bring to rapid boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 2 – 3 hours!!!

Here’s the 2nd secret. When finished, carefully scoop out only the chicken (use 2 slotted spoons).

Take a hand held blender and puree the soup (right in the same pot you just cooked it in.) (click here for 117 product reviews of hand held blenders that will make your life simple) but don’t skimp and buy the cheapest, you want POWER for the best performance! Personally, I like the 500 watt Dualit Kitchen Prep Professional Immersion
Hand Blender from Kitchen Universe (normal price $100, on sale for $79.96. RARELY do you find one with this much wattage and power. If you don't want to spend this much, then buy the Cuisinart Brushed Chrome Hand Blenderfor only $29.95 -- but it only has 220 watts of power! For FREE SHIPPING on the Dualit blender go first to and link directly from our home page into Kitchen Universe!

Meanwhile, dice (cut up) the chicken and return it to the pureed soup. Serve hot and enjoy. Leftovers freeze beautifully (stay green and re-use old quart size plastic containers from take-out Chinese restaurants and grocery store bought food).  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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