Over-protecting our kids

Lately in the Catalogs.com office, I’ve been having debates (to put it nicely) with another employee who has never been married, nor does he have kids. Yet he feels it OK to tell me that I am an “over-protective Mom.” He went so far as to send me an email letting me know that the BBC News just came out with data stating that “Fear 'stops child development' … Youngsters are missing out on their childhood because we over-protect them, a child play expert claims.”

The article states further that our “reluctance to let children take risks could stop them developing vital skills needed to protect themselves.”

I think this is hog wash! The author, Tim Gill feels that “we should build a society where communities look out for each other and youngsters.” Yeah, right!

I was recently made fun of when I baked a platter of brownies and took it to a new neighbor in our neighborhood. I was informed that “this was archaic and never done in today’s society.” So can you imagine if I were to depend on my “neighbors” watching out for my kids? I don’t think so.

When I was growing up, sure … I use to play unsupervised; I use to ride my bike, unaccompanied, for miles and miles at the young age of 10. Today we live in a very different time; very unfortunately, I believe things have changed for the worse.

Pedi files are everywhere (in the most expensive gated communities); murder and kidnapping rates are higher than they were 35 years ago; drug imports and usage are at an all time high among high school kids; and illegal immigrants throughout the South Florida area are everywhere!

Children definitely should take risks, but not when it comes to jeopardizing their safety or life. Call me an over-protective Mom … but when I tuck my children SAFELY in bed at night and cuddle with each of them, I would rather die than have to live with the burden of having one of my kids murdered, kidnapped or raped.

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