Where 'O' where has all the customer service gone? Whatever you do don't ask Sprint/Nextel...

Let me apologize in advance but I just have to use today’s post to rant! I am beyond irritated, bordering on needing a sedative irritated, after having to deal with Sprint/Nextel Customer Service this week. The only comfort I take in any of this is that I’m not alone. It seems that back in July, Sprint/Nextel received the prized J.D. Power Ranking for the worst customer service in the industry…for the 4th consecutive year!!

Being a very busy career woman/business owner and mom, I am completely dependant on my Sprint Internet card for my laptop. Everything I do for the company; billing, collections, generating commission reports for our sales associates, payroll, all accounting (payables & receivables), it’s all done on my laptop from virtually everywhere. I schlep my laptop all over the country… on every airplane, to every one of my kid’s karate classes, in the wee hours of the night…

So, needless to say, when I lost my Internet card I panicked. I literally turned my house, car and every relative’s house upside down looking for it, but alas it was to no avail. It had VANISHED! In a state of total unrest, I thought to myself: “Self…Thank God you paid the $7.00 premium insurance every month for total card replacement (after having spent $250.00 for the card itself)." Somewhat reassured, I called Sprint/Nextel “Customer Service” and I use the term very loosely. They informed me that, "YES," the replacement is totally covered, BUT there is a $50.00 processing fee for the claim, Oh, and by the way, it will take 7 – 10 business days to ship. My response: W H AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I run a business and depend on my card. I need it NOW! So, then I asked if I could simply go to the nearest store and pick one up? Answer: NOPE! Only once a claim is processed, then they can ship it. I asked if I could pay extra for overnight express delivery? Answer: NOPE! We don’t know if you will be eligible to receive it expedited. First, you are required to pay the $50.00 fee, only then can we tell you if we can overnight it. My response: That makes absolutely NO SENSE! I need to know if I can have it next day before I pay the fee because if not, then I’ll just schlep to the store and layout another $250.00 big ones…my business makes more $$$ than that per day, and I can’t wait 7 – 10 business days. This was a circular exchange that was clearly going nowhere.

Fast forward … I had to speak with 3 supervisors and I very bluntly told them how STUPID their policy was and how frustrated & unsatisfied I was. Finally, I paid the $50, got my express delivery and now I’m waiting for it to be delivered. Moral to the story: Sprint/Nextel is very clearly in the lead again to win that special J.D Ranking for a 5th consecutive year if they continue with incompetent policies that make no sense!

Maybe the powers that be at Sprint/Nextel should consider a change toward effective customer service policies if they hope to retain and gain new customers…just a thought!

Thanks for letting me rant ~ Leslie

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