Back in the saddle

Dear followers of blog … all I can say is “sorry for my lack of communication.”

Between technical difficulties (including 3 crashes to the blog); holiday shuffling and traveling … I’ve been negligent.

January 2008 is a new adventure.

I promise more adventure, more commentary and certainly more insight to running a company, juggling a family, caring for elders and most important … enjoying life.

So get ready, stay tuned and here we go …

My top 10 new year’s resolutions.

1. Lose the 15 pounds that I’ve gained since 2006.
2. Dress better and more fashionably – after all, at my ripe age we need to look good even if we can’t function mentally or physically like we used to at the age of 25.
3. Stop yelling at my 3 kids and practice patience, calming exercises and negotiation control.
4. Launch 3 new business models within (under top secret security until the launch … but I will mention that it will blow the socks off our current catalogers and they will hopefully be thrilled with our new programs).
5. Treat employees with more respect and concern.
6. Spend more quality time with my husband and leave the “business” out of pillow talk.
7. Encourage my 3 kids to work hard to earn money for charities of their preference, not just to spend money on themselves.
8. Improve customer service with and respond more quickly, more efficiently and with a smile at every call or concern I handle.
9. Spend as much quality time with my 3 sets of aging parents and make each moment more meaningful.
10. Spend more one-on-one time with each of my 3 children, apart from their siblings.

Well, I think my above list is optimistic but doable. I’d love to hear your comments and would welcome all “clean” and “publishable” comments.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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