Can you truly succeed in Yoga without the right outfit?

OK, if you can’t tell by my recent blogs lately … I’m attempting to get back in shape. Why? Is it because of my New Year’s Resolution? NO

Is it because I want my husband to think I’m sexier and younger? NO

Is it because my pants no longer look “great” on my behind? NO

Simply put … I dragged myself to my Internist at Cleveland Clinic Hospital and she gave me a physical with blood work. Guess whose cholesterol is SKY HIGH? The doc says to me, “it’s not enough to just take your Lipitor and eat right … you MUST exercise 5 times per week and get your heart rate up to 145 for 40 minutes.”

I think she’s crazy … but I am committed not to end up like my Dad with 3 by-pass surgeries, and 2 heart attacks.

Therefore, at 7 a.m. yesterday I did my 2nd ever-cycling class (yes, I got up to 22.4 miles in 60 minutes - and was extremely proud) and today I did my 7a.m. YOGA class with Alain. Now ladies, just going to the class alone and watching Alain will get your heart rate up to 145 – and you don’t even have to move a muscle.

You see, Alain is this incredibly handsome, Afro-American body builder who wears very tight short black yoga shorts and a sleeveless tight-fitting muscle shirt. Alain probably could take on the Dolphins football team single handedly without so much as breaking a sweat.

So you might ask, “And Leslie, what were you wearing?” I was horrified. I truly need to start worrying about what I look like crawling out of bed, forgetting to brush my teeth and my hair, and showing up to Alain’s YOGA class wearing college sweats.

And to make matters worse, my gorgeous blonde girlfriend (who turns EVERY man’s head) was right next to me wearing the most stunning yoga pants with a skimpy low-cut work-out top that had spaghetti thin straps and cut-out lace going down the entire back. I’m wearing sweats!

Time to shop till I drop … here goes:
Hanes Classics™ TAGLESS™ Boy Chic Racer back Tank Top in beautiful soft pink, lilacs, soft blues and black, for just $9.00

Or, get a sexier spaghetti strap camisole for just $12.00, the
Hanes® TAGLESS® Ultimate Stretch Cotton Camisole. Match it up with a pair of light gray or black yoga pants … and even if you can’t complete all the yoga moves, at least you’ll “appear” to fit right in.

Best part -- shop online and get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more.

By next week, my shipment will have arrived and I'm psyched to go!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!


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