How to buy the right sports bra

If you are one of the 329,000 woman last year that had breast augmentation (a boob job), then you probably won’t find this blog useful. Why, because perky, firm and upright breasts while lying perfectly flat on an exercise mat do not NEED super supportive sports bras.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the millions of moms who have breast fed, then this blog should be useful …

The key to a safe and pleasant workout begins with a very good sports bra. Ladies … do NOT buy a cheap, flimsy, intricate lace bra (hoping that some hunk at the gym will notice your sexy lingerie). Instead, concentrate on buying a powerful “boulder holder” and make sure it has “breathable fabric.” Yes, breathable fabric means that it will absorb the sweat, and not leave you with 2 huge wet spots directly center of your body (how horribly embarrsing would that be … you’d look like your milk was dripping).

I just bought 2 great sports bras online and got FREE shipping, both from Champion.
My favorite one cost me only $30.00, and is called the "No-Poke® Wire Sports Bra", with HIGH MCR® (High Motion Control) — to help prevent painful bounce during your more intense workouts. Plus, it wicks away moisture and comes in HUGE sizes (44DD) to keep you cool and dry.

My second favorite is the Champion® Everyday® Double Dry® Seamless Underwire Bra. The key is the two-layer design. Inner layer wicks sweat from your skin. Outer layer evaporates it quickly.

Ladies, trust me ... if you're dripping with sweat and truly excercising for the right reasons (mainly, to make yourself feel better and healthier ... NOT to simply impress a man) than do yourself a favor and buy a serious sports bra. It will improve your workout (I speak from experience).  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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