Spinning – the good, the bad & the ugly

Jose yelled, “harder, harder, push harder … you can do it” and it reminded me of being in the delivery room. No, I was not at Mount Sinai Hospital, but rather in the midst of a grueling spinning class, which I had no business being at.

I’ve never spinned (or cycled) on a stationary bike during an exercise class. All my girlfriends encouraged me. They all said, “Oh, it’s so much fun and what a great workout.” Obviously, they were not “real” friends, or they would have said, “forget working out … let’s go shopping and out to lunch.”

Instead, it’s 7:55 am and I’ve now completed 55 insane minutes of my first strenuous spinning class. My friend Pamela turns to me and says, “How many miles did you ride?” I had no idea how to read the darn monitor … there were at least 10 different digital readings. I put my hand up and Jose came over, dripping in sweat. I asked him and he told me 18 miles. I laughed in his face. “Are you serious, or is that posh health club miles?” And he insisted that I had ridden 18 real miles.

I have never felt prouder in my life.

Fast forward to the next day. Every time I went to the bathroom, I screamed in agony as I attempted to lower myself onto the seat. Every muscle (especially in my tushy) was screaming in pain. All I can hope for is that tomorrow at 7 a.m. (Monday morning), I will once again muster the strength, the endurance, and most of all the will power to get back in the saddle, and ride another 18 miles … all in hopes of a firmer behind, trimmer thighs and well defined calf muscles.

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What were you thinking girl...18 miles of cycling? I'd walk 18 miles while shopping :) Care to join me?

Hope those muscles are feeling better today although I'm sure it gets worse before it gets better!

Well, if the picture illustrating your post is indicative of how you dressed for class, I can see why you're in so much pain.

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