How to plan a birthday party with no fighting

When girls reach middle school age … planning the perfect birthday party without fighting, pettiness or cat-fights becomes challenging.

My daughter and I developed the “Perfect Birthday Party”, complete with a NO FIGHTING NO BICKERING guarantee.

Rule #1: Type out a DETAILED schedule in advance, and make sure your daughter has complete input and “buy-in”.

Rule #2: Keep them so busy they don’t have time to think.

Rule #3: Devise outside strenuous activities and divide into teams ONLY by picking Team A or Team B tickets from a hat (this avoids the typical “I want to be on your team”
And the “Don’t put me with her, she’s not any good.”

Rule #4: Don’t give out prizes (then neither team feels bad).

Rule #5: Plan enough outside running around games so that the next few “indoor projects” will be more appreciated.

Rule #6: Confiscate all cell phones and explain to the girls that if there is an emergency, you can use the house phone (this eliminates texting, outside interference, girls showing others photos and ignoring the birthday girl.) This is a MUST!

Rule #7: If sleeping over, lay down the rules while the parents are dropping off. Nicely say, “By the way, I am enforcing a strict lights out-no talking policy by 1 AM (or 2 AM), and if there are any problems you’ll have to pick up your daughter at that time” and by saying this in-front of the parents, the girls will be more inclined to listen to you at the end of the night.

Rule #8: The next morning, have a definite time for pick up (around 10:30 am)

Rule #9: The birthday girl can ONLY open gifts the next morning providing everyone’s dressed and all their stuff is by the front door. You’d be surprised how this can motivate the girls to listen and clean up.

Rule #10: Try to give out a memorable party favor (best if hand-made by the birthday girl) as it will be more meaningful.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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It’s amazing. I like it. Sounds good to me, even though I can’t agree with everything

Thank you a lot for great great information and great great lessons in this blog. Thank you also for the fun! The Blog is just like watermelons to thirsty readers in the hot summer of blogging. Stay up, the good work!

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