How a square watermelon gave me an A-Ha moment

It is not often that someone sends you an email that will give you an "A-HA" moment. Well, I just received one. It was published originally on Financial Hack’s blog quite a long time ago (in December 2007 I believe). But ironically, it was just emailed to me (thus the beauty of a good solid posting … it is timeless).

What I took away from the article and I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to link below to read it, is that our basic human nature is to be lazy, say it can’t be done, throw up our hands and say it’s impossible, or too difficult.

Why did this give me an AHA moment? Because once the Japanese defined the problem (Watermelons, big and round, wasted a lot of space in the grocery stores), they didn’t give up until a solution was found.

What sets apart a true entrepreneur and highly successful business woman or man is the following:

an innate ability to see the glass half full

to become the little Einstein who won’t give up

to try and try again.

even with failures … to keep pushing onward until you achieve a winner

Try sharing this watermelon story with your employees, co-workers and kids. Discuss how you should not assume that anything is too difficult, question and analyze your own habits, be creative, look for a better way, and realize that impossibilities often aren't really impossible.

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