Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

I mentioned recently that one of my daughters just accomplished an incredible feat. My little girl just received her black belt in karate. It seems like only yesterday I was feeding her strained peas in her highchair. The good old days when she couldn’t stand up without toppling over and falling on her tush. Now she was standing in plié position for what seemed like hours, without wincing while being smacked with a sugar cane stick by her sensei. Yes, Mr. Miyagi would indeed be proud of my Karate Kid.

I was thrilled when she received her white belt. Ecstatic when handed her red belt. Awhile later I thought her purple belt would go great with a little denim mini. When I saw her waving her black belt over her head with pride, I couldn’t contain myself. She had committed to something, and mastered it.


There are so many reasons why I enrolled my daughter in karate classes. One - it’s a great form of exercise, promoting good health and fitness. My heart swells with pride when I see her practicing her martial arts moves instead of plastering herself on the couch watching tv or playing video games. Two - Self defense. No bully is ever gonna mess with this girl. Three - Sharpening mental discipline and prowess.

My daughter’s discipline astounds me. I myself still haven’t gotten past the first of my New Year’s resolutions. In order to receive her prized belt, my girl performed 500 push-ups, 500 sit-ups, 1000 jumping jacks, and performed wheelbarrows and other boot-camp worthy combative drills across the length of a soccer field.

We all know what happened when I tried spinning.

It makes me realize how motivation can begin young, and it’s so important to encourage our kids to reach for the stars and work at something until they master it. You can never be too young to prove yourself, or too old. I’ve noticed how some adults can also be equally motivated to succeed in their careers if they possess that internal motivation from within, that fire in their belly. It’s only those who give up trying and blame the world for their problems that make me sick to my stomach. I have no patience for them and think they all deserve a swift sugar cane whack to the kneecaps to get them back in gear.

Lookout Jose, I’ll be at spinning class first thing tomorrow morning.

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