Father's Day Masterpiece

Rather than going the usual tie/casual shirt route this Father’s Day, my daughter was inspired when it came to gifting. She gave my husband a priceless piece of artwork. I know what you’re thinking… How much of an allowance are they giving this kid?

Allow me to clarify. It wasn’t a purchased work of art. It was made by her own two precious little artistic hands. It’s a still life of a single sunflower in a vase with a stunning blue background. It’s lovely. It’s exquisite. It’s already up on our office wall. Every time I look at it, I stifle tears and marvel… my daughter is the next Vincent Van Gogh.

fathers day pic cropped.JPG

Scratch that. Maybe the next Frida Kahlo. I would hate to imagine her going crazy and chopping her ear off twenty years from now à la Van Gogh, but there’s no denying it… the kid’s got talent. What’s more, she knew what to get for the man who is utterly impossible to shop for.

In the age of gift cards and e-greetings, it’s so easy for gift giving to become impersonal and detached. Our girl knows it’s not the price tag that matters, it’s the sentiment behind the gift that really racks up the brownie points. I’m stocking up on all the art supplies we need to keep our little Frida/Van Gogh/Picasso smocked up and painting. It’s so important to support our kids and encourage them creatively and artistically. Whether it’s a homemade greeting card, a dozen expertly baked sugar cookies, or a t-shirt decorated with fabric paint, let your kids know their creativity is appreciated, valued, and worth more than a million bucks.

Plus, my daughter’s painting is going to pay for her Dad’s and my retirement once it’s hanging at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Thanks again honey.

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