No Camp Picnic

No Camp Picnic.

Summer Camp. A time for hot fun in the summertime. A time for making new friends that will last a lifetime. A time for swimming, kayaking, s’mores, ghost stories and enjoying all of those fun camp pranks (Saran wrap on the toilet seat, always a winner). For the kids, camp is a blast. For adults…not so much.

Flashback. Two weeks ago I was schlepping through Target with my two daughters, an unruly shopping cart and a list of camp supplies clenched in hand. It was a nightmare. The girls were all over the place. Bickering and fighting, focused on different items in different aisles and I…I needed a Xanax. I kept hearing the same words in my head as if replaying on a loop…over and over.

“Why didn’t I order everything online?”

It’s that time of year again. My two girls are off at sleepaway camp for four weeks, and I’m still recovering from all the work it took to get them properly outfitted and ready to go with their endless supply of camp gear.

camp kid.jpg

I should have known better. I’m a founding partner of for goodness sake, where was my head at? Just browsing through our list of catalog titles I realize I could have ordered everything we needed at the click of a button, at better prices to boot. Camp clothes, bathing suits, swim caps and goggles, sunscreen, sleeping bags, flashlights and stationery for them to write sweet letters home to dear old Mom and Dad.

If I had only thought ahead I could’ve spent more time loading up on hugs to last me the four weeks they’d be gone instead of wasting time and energy playing peacemaker through the crowded aisles of Target. Oh well, no use crying over overpriced camp gear. You live and you learn.

Next year, I order early…Or maybe the girls should stay home with me next Summer. Mom’s suffering from a severe case of the Kids at Camp blues.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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