To iPhone, or not to iPhone

To iPhone, or not to iPhone… that is the question. Apple has done it again. Everyone and their grandmother is anxiously awaiting the release of Apple's new gotta-have gadget. It didn’t take long for the iPhone to get an upgrade with the new 3G model. Along with all of the features of the original, the new bigger and better iPhone promises faster data speeds as well as built-in GPS.

I don't have a great sense of direction, so the GPS will certainly come in handy. I have Mom on constant speed-dial so she can help me get to where I need to go when lost, driving aimlessly on I-95. Hopefully the new phone has better business applications on top of the new GPS (i.e. I use mine 90% for calendars and business contacts, 10% for talking with friends and kids). Hey, I just read the iPhone software upgrade will allow users to access their corporate mail with Exchange support and VPN. Now we’re talking.

My dilemma is, do I buy one now… or do I wait until the next upgraded iPhone comes out with even better features? I am a Shopaholic after all, but sometimes it's better to hold out until something better comes along. The g4 model will probably do my taxes, feed the dog and give me a mani-pedi.

to iphone.JPG

They’re highly anticipating long, unbearable lines outside Apple Stores on July 11th when this new must have device of the year is unveiled.

Personally, I would NEVER wait in line. I've gone so far as to send my gynecologist a bill for keeping me waiting 3 hours in his office. I told him that if he ever keeps me waiting like that again, I will find a new doctor. My time is just as valuable as his (and he gets the benefit of watching me spread my legs open!).

In summation, the new iPhone is worth a look and I don't wait in lines for anything!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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