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Normally my social calendar conflicts with my family’s social calendar, and I don’t always make it to as many personal “Mom time” events as I would like. Last Thursday night was different. I caught the first three quarters of my daughter’s black belt karate test (which she rocked by the way), and rushed to a 45th birthday party celebration for one of my oldest and dearest friends Carolyn.

It wasn’t a regular birthday party. There were drinks involved, and delicious food, but bigger celebrations were in order on top of turning the big 4-5. Let me tell you a little bit about Carolyn...


Carolyn used to be a junk food junkie. She lived on fast food and never used a pot. Now Carolyn is an organic nut. Transformed, she will consume no sugar or alcohol and prides herself on being all natural. The birthday celebration was at a vegan restaurant no less. She has discovered a new, healthier lifestyle and is finally getting some use out of all those housewares that had been collecting dust. Carolyn also used to be a professional fundraiser. A working Mom like me who never seemed to have the time to complete all of the things on her ever growing to-do list.

Two years ago things changed. Carolyn was diagnosed with breast cancer. For two years now, having beaten the odds, the birthday girl has the proud distinction of being called a Breast Cancer Survivor. Now, Carolyn fills her days sending inspirational messages to other women and breast cancer victims and survivors…reaching out to others who are in need. Changing lives. To call her an inspiration just doesn’t do her justice. Through it all she’s managed to see the light, maintain her friendships, be a fantastic mom and keep her wicked sense of humor.

After we all took turns giving weepy speeches honoring our brave survivor warrior, Carolyn in turn took center stage and managed to turn the evening into a roast poking delicious fun at every single one of her sappy guests. My favorite jab- when she told one of our more petite girlfriends that she was so short she’ll probably end up tripping on her tampon strings one day. In five minutes time, she managed to turn all of our tears into laughter. That’s Carolyn.

I drove home in awe and made it a point from this day forward to not only stop and smell the roses, but to stop and call the girlfriends. I am a proud wife and mother, proud to devote as much time as I can to the family I love so dearly, but we all get carried away with our day to day lives and need to remember we have an extended family out there of sisters. Sisters who may not be blood related, but touch our hearts every day.

Happy Birthday Carolyn. I can’t wait to see what the big 5-0 will bring.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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