Baby Bounce House? I don't think so.

Warning: If you’re easily infuriated, don’t read on.

This shocking Bouncing Baby video posted on Youtube features a 16 year old Georgia teenager launching an 8-month-old infant into the air using an inflatable pillow. The baby landed several feet away on the floor and could be heard crying. Apparently, the baby's family had left the infant in the care of the family of the teen who was behind the camera shooting the video, according to authorities. After viewing the video, an area high school teacher contacted officials with the sheriff's department, who arrested the alleged “star” of the video whose only defense was thinking it would be funny to make a baby bounce.

How horrifying! Being a mom of 3, I think it emphasizes the importance of how scary and difficult it is to choose a baby sitter that you can trust. This teen should be sent to a juvenile detention center and given the maximum sentence as well as the HARSHEST OF HARSHEST treatments until he learns the lesson that every human life, whether young or old, is fragile and precious.

handle with care.JPG

This is true child abuse at the expense of a prank joke to make HIM look important among his friends, and/or to achieve fame and stardom. I think he should be severely punished, then given at least 3 years assignment at the local pediatric ward of a hospital where his sole responsibility would be cleaning and washing dirty hand.

On a more serious note; however, there are programs that strive to prepare children for the seriousness of child care. The American Red Cross offers an “Ultimate Babysitter's Training Camp” designed to cover the responsibilities of babysitting including: interviewing, safe play, age appropriate play, being a good role model, responding to emergencies, adult, child and infant CPR, first aid and more. Participants must be at least 11 years old by the day of the class. The price is $125 and includes a first aid kit, books, class materials, and more. Most importantly, the lessons learned are priceless.

In today’s environment, I would not let ANYONE baby sit that didn’t have this kind of training. Furthermore, I fully intend on having my daughters complete this course when and IF they choose to baby sit. You can never be too careful.

As for the Georgia teen, I'm guessing he's going to be bounced around a few times himself once he gets to juvie. Karma. It'll get you ever time.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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