Divorce on the Brinkley

The ugly divorce battle is over between Supermodel Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband Peter Cook. Brinkley will retain sole custody of her children after reaching a settlement last week after a very public and embarrassing trial for Cook especially, who was accused of racking up obscene internet porn charges, having an affair with his teenage assistant, and buying drugs at a gay truck stop. Nice moves Peter.

I think it’s great that the Uptown Girl was rewarded custody of her two kids, but I do agree that she needs to work on deeper issues regarding her choice of males and how to pick them. However, after 10 years of marriage, one would have thought she would be able to see the signs that he was cheating sooner. Here’s some advice Christie, for next time.


10 signs your husband’s just not that into you.

1. He comes home smelling of cheap Designer Imposter fragrances.
2. He auditions to be on the next season of The Bachelor.
3. He starts hanging out with Billy Joel every weekend.
4. He switches from boxer briefs to commando.
5. 976-SLUT is #1 on his speed dial.
6. Teenage girls keep calling the house asking for Peter Peter Pumpkineater.
7. He gets his balls waxed.
8. He starts calling you Chrystal instead of Christie.
9. His new ringtone is Secret Lover by Atlantic Starr.
10. One day he says “Chrystal, I’m just not that into you”.

Best wishes for your next marriage Christie. You know what they say, third time’s a charm.

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