Medical Malfunctions

I know I’ve expressed my utter frustration and disappointment in our healthcare system before, but it’s starting to reach new heights.

My Mother recently underwent pretty extensive surgery – and by extensive, I mean lasting two hours. The medical facility that performed the procedure ironically performed the exact same procedure four weeks ago. When it was performed four weeks ago, it lasted a mere 20 minutes.

When I brought this to the attention of the surgeon, demanding to understand the delay, he simply informed me “Nothing can be done.” We THEN went and received 3 more opinions and it was confirmed that the doctor from the first procedure four weeks ago was too rushed. Apparently, he had thirteen surgeries scheduled in ONE day and was running five hours behind schedule. So instead of spending two careful hours on my Mother’s care, he gave her what I basically consider a “drive-by procedure”, getting her in and out as fast as possible, failing to perform all of the proper tests during the angiogram.

I can only imagine how the other twelve surgeries panned out.


To make a long story short, (I know, too late) four weeks later (and three different surgeon’s opinions later), my Mother had stents put into her groin at the Miami Vascular Institute. There they discovered that 30-40% was blocked in the groin artery, and they were able to open it up. The former medical facility said it couldn’t be done.

My Mother still has 2 blockages above the knee and 2 of the 3 arteries below the knee have completely shut down. But hopefully the procedure will be a temporary fix to help save her remaining leg. This is the latest battle, aside from her lung cancer.

The Moral of my story is … when it comes to the healthcare of your loved ones, get many, many opinions before you give up and accept your doctor's proposed fate. I’ve learned the hard way that doctors are not infallible, but rather human beings that screw up just like the rest of us. It brings to mind an old doctor joke that in light of current circumstances seems very appropo.

What’s the difference between God and a doctor?

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