Wine Woes

I'm frustrated.

It's 11:18 pm, and I just spent a decent amount of time creating my own special image and uploading a custom photo and text to be used in ordering 12 bottles of wine from Windsor Vineyards catalog. I love it, I can customize each bottle with my OWN special label. It's like I have my own winery, without having to stomp on all the grapes.

I trust this company. In fact, I ordered from them last year. I sent my pediatrician a case of wine for not making me wait as long as others (call it bribery if you will, but a busy mom of 3 who owns her own company can't afford to wait in a busy doctor's office for 3 hours: TIMES 3 KIDS). The gift was well worth the price I paid, plus I custom inscribed on the bottle "To the world's BEST Pediatrician" so he could brag to his friends while serving a tasty bottle of wine.

Well, long story short, Windsor Vineyards is FORCING ME TO remember my password from a year ago?! I can't even remember what I received for my birthday a year ago, let alone my password. I attempted to log in as a new account holder but it said that an account had already been established under that email address. Then I exited, logged into my Hotmail account, and my password reminder still wasn't there. Hello! I've already saved my custom photo and text and created an unbelievable personalized card! What are you doing to me Windsor?! I'm going to need to down a few bottles of wine just to get over this ordeal.


ONLINE STORES -- DON'T BE STUPID --- Get your websites working properly. You don't want a slew of irate customers swearing off your business forever. To avoid UPSET SHOPPERS like me, listen and learn-

My 5 biggest pet peeves about ordering product online …

1. Forcing the consumer to “register” or become a member. It's like forcing people to be your friends...seems a little desperate to me.

2. Asking for credit card information prior to shipping charges being disclosed. I want to know what my total is going to be before I agree to pay it.

3. Asking me to remember my password. I think you should simply have to remember the magic word...please.

4. Failing to tell me that an item is out-of-stock BEFORE I complete the entire order....that's entrapment, and I'm not down with it.

5. Not allowing a personal gift message and sending a copy of the invoice to the person I gave the gift to (and often, in my case, this includes the savings code discount I used off of


It is now 11:41 pm, I have just NOW successfully completed my order ONLY because I used a different email address than my main one. This is just poor marketing, sales and a good way to frustrate an otherwise happy shopper!  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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Hi Leslie, I'd like to personally apologize for the frustrating password retrieval glitch you encountered at the Windsor Vineyards website. I couldn't agree more that a seamless shopping experience should be priority #1 for any online retailer.

For the record, Windsor is in the process of replacing it's outdated ecommerce system with a best-in-class system that dramatically improve our online retail presence.

Meanwhile, thank you for your business and overall commitment to improving the online shopping experience.


Ray Marcinkowski
Webmaster, Windsor Vineyards

Dear Ray,

Thank you so much for your comment. I have to say it was so sweet that you took the time and the initiative to respond to my rant. Despite my frustrations, I cannot wait until my friends in Indiana receive their unique gifts from Windsor. I look forward to the updated system being implemented and rest assured, I will remain a loyal Windsor customer.


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