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According to this recent DMA article, I'm proud to report that Catalogs are still the primary medium for multichannel merchants. This doesn't surprise me one bit. Of course Catalogs are still the primary medium … that is precisely why is thriving, and Merchant businesses are growing every single month, even during the midst of this horrible economy. Why? Simply put, because it is becoming increasingly difficult to get qualified leads. Merchants look to us for the names, addresses and email addresses of consumers who have specifically requested a catalog. Merchants love us. And guess what? We love them right back.

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According to research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association for its 16th annual State of the Catalog Industry Report, of the companies surveyed, 62% consider catalogs their primary sales channel, compared with 20% that cited the Web. Analyze this... it’s because a vast amount of consumers physically want to hold a catalog in their hands. They want to sit down in the bathroom while turning the pages previewing the merchandise at their leisure, then lie in bed while shopping, circling or dog earing their pages of choice … THEN, once this process is complete, they wander over to the computer, log in and place the orders online. I can’t tell you how many of our Merchants swear that consumers actually type in the product # listed in the catalog into their search boxes for faster ordering.

Nearly 90% of respondents said they track response rates for online catalog buyers separately from offline catalog buyers, compared with around 60% in 2005 and 2006. This growth is enormous! And no wonder, the overall population has become extremely Internet and Computer savvy. Even my young son says to me, “Mom, can we go shop for Lego’s tonight? We can check out Hasbro and FAO Schwarz online!" Yep, he's a smart kid, and I'm not just saying that because he's my son.

It makes perfect sense - save time, money on gas, decrease frustration without any annoying lines, unknowledgeable sales clerks, plus save the economy...all at the same time.

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