Recycling Catalogs - Out with the old, in with the new!


Your mailbox is brimming with them. Once you've thumbed through and shopped from all of your favorite stores, what do you do with them?

Here are some practical and impractical ideas...

Top Ten Things to do with old catalogs.

1. Drop in the recycle bin. Feel good about yourself for being kind to the environment.

2. Make a birthday/anniversary collage for your husband or boyfriend of catalog items you've always wanted...he'll never be clueless again.

3. Spruce up your home décor and give your home some total Star Power. You'll feel like a Super Star once it's up.

4. Give 'em one last skim through. The item of your dreams may be lurking in those catalog pages that you missed the first time around.

5. Roll it up and use it as a megaphone when your kids don't come to the dinner table when called.


6. Gear up for the holidays by making your own slick Gift boxes, or use pages as gift wrap for tiny presents and stocking stuffers.

7. Hello! Anyone in the mood for Paper Mâché? Spend a Sunday afternoon bonding with the kids and having fun with paste. Find all of the paper mâché materials you need right here.

8. Host a catalog party for your girlfriends or neighbors so you can swap and spread all the catalog love.

9. Take out your frustrations by drawing moustaches, mullets and tattoos on all the happy models glaring back at you.

10. Order more from, we've got plenty of 'em.

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What a great post! I love the catalog party idea, very original!

I always seem to keep old catalogs even when I know I have read them a million times. After reading this I am really pumped up to recycle!!

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