Smart People Wanted, Idiots Need Not Apply.

I won’t hire stupidity or mediocracy.

Alright, my blood is boiling and I really don’t have time to write a blog in the middle of the day. I usually save this for sometime between midnight and 4 am! just posted an ad on Career Builder and on CraigsList . Full-time salaried copywriter with benefits (what I would consider a pretty darn attractive offering, given this awful economy and even worse job opportunity environment).

Well, the ad CLEARLY states our company’s name and our URL: The ad also CLEARLY states to send writing SAMPLES along with your resume (hello… it’s a copywriter position).

Well, I placed the ad at 11:30pm last night (can you tell I never sleep?) and have received 11 resumes as of 11:06am this morning, and NOT ONE has provided a sample of their writing.


Then, I just received a delightful phone call from a gentleman that never looked at our site, had no concept of what we did, and goes onto spell our name incorrectly when he repeats the email …. catalogues.

For all of you job seekers out there, wise up …

1. Read the ad and learn how to follow instructions.

2. Provide the employer with ALL of the required and requested information.

3. If the add says local, in-house full time position, don’t bother to email a resume if you live out-of-state UNLESS you clearly mention when you will be living in the same city soon.

4. Don’t call unless you have done your own research on the company --- you will sound ignorant.

5. Learn how to spell the name of the company. If you still get it wrong after 2 tries, Hooked on Phonics might work for you.

6. Write a personal (but brief) introductory paragraph that will portray something positive about you that would not be captured in a formal resume (but not too personal...I don't want to hear that you're a man who enjoys wearing women's underwear or a woman who owns 42 stray cats).

7. If there is a single typo … don’t expect an interview!

Good luck, and if you think I’m hard at the pre-interview … welcome to the real corporate world which expects nothing short of perfection.

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