Fashions for Breast Cancer Warriors

You might remember a blog I wrote a few months back documenting the Rebirth of my dear friend Carolyn.

If you don't recall, allow me to refresh your memory...

Carolyn was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2006. After numerous treatments of chemotherapy, a radical bilateral mastectomy, plus reconstruction and radiation to boot, Carolyn defeated her cancer diagnosis in true Warrior fashion. After avoiding one of the biggest health scares women face today and finally enjoying life in the clear, Carolyn suffered another slam. She was diagnosed with lymphedema in her right arm.

This condition effects the majority of women who've experienced breast surgery, have had lymph nodes removed and or have undergone radiation treatments. As a result, they are required by their doctors to purchase compression sleeves that they are destined to wear on their arms for the rest of their lives.


Carolyn hated hers.

Always the most fashion forward of all our friends, Carolyn simply abhorred the plain, ordinary skin tone colored sleeves that she herself described as "just plain ugly". So Carolyn gave herself another Warrior mission. She showed her cancer who was boss, now it was time to put her fashion prowess to the test. Her goal? To make this pitiful sleeve look better, knowing that if it looked better, she would consequently feel better, as would hundreds of other women dealing with lymphedema or cancer.

Always up for a challenge, Carolyn banded together a few of her best girls and created a company called Warrior Wear, Inc. Launching their newest line of "Arm Candy", Warrior Wear is taking women's fashion to a thrilling new level. Sorry gals, this arm candy may not consist of Brad Pitt escorting you by the arm to all of your social events, it's even better. Consider it protective fashion wear for compression sleeves that make them look fashionably sleek.

With a promise to help women feel better about their condition while feeling proud to display their arm candy for all the world to see. Most may assume it's just the hottest new fashion trend. I bet my daughters would want to snag a few to wear to school, especially when they come in four delicious candy coated colors: licorice and lace, cotton candy, chocolate and black jellybean.

I invite all of my blog reading Warriors to visit the new website and bling yourself with armcandy before they're all sold out. It makes the perfect gift for any woman who wants to put their sickness aside, and get on with their lives in the most stylish way possible.

Carolyn should be an inspiration to everyone, taking lemons and making arm candy out of them. Her positive spin on life touches everyone she's ever met, filling them with her eternal spirit, passion, healing and light.  |  digg it!  |  reddit reddit!  |  Google!

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